Yellow Days are the Best Days

Why you might ask? Because it brings out the best in everyone! least it should! :-) I typically choose my wardrobe based on what my day will consist of. On this day, I knew I had a day full of conference calls so I chose to manipulate my mood ahead of all the rucas by wearing this "feel good" hue.

It represents happiness and depending on where you're going, you may have to choose to be happy vs. it coming naturally. This was one of those days! The saying is true - "When you look good, you feel good." #StraightFacts What better way than showing up and showing out in this bold, bright color!

Typically with bright colors, I like to tone them down with dark neutrals like, black, white, blues or grays. On this day, I chose a black and white striped blouse from #Express while keeping the yellow flowing from my #NYandCompany pants, to my #aldo pumps. Needless to say, today was a good day!

Blouse: Express

Pants: @nyandcompany

Bag: @aldo

Shoes: @aldo

#yellow #blackandwhitestripes #express #newyorkandcompany #aldoshoes #aldobag


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