The Best Solution Ever for Doing Your Own Nails are your nails looking these days?

For week's mine have been paintless, dull and boring! See...I'm that chick with the poppin' nail colors every time you see me but since COVID-19 abruptly entered our lives, it's been a long time since I've heard those 2 famous words, "Picka kulah".😂

But guess what yall! I have found a solution that will keep your nails looking flawless! I tried out a new product called Color Street. They are nail strips with the base, color, and top coats of high-quality liquid nail polish. I applied them quickly and they have lasted me about 2 weeks now. Check out the application video below.

There are tons of colors and designs you can choose from. All nails are B3G1 free on solids, glitters, nail art designs and French Manicure designs are BOGO.

Click here to get yours!

Say goodbye to the days of this hotmess! 😂

THIS should now be a thing of the past ladies! No more excuses! 🙅🏽‍♀️😂


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