The Art of Thrifting

Chiiiile! I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you don't thrift shop then good! More treasures for me to find! 🤣 seriously. If you do not shop in thrift stores, you are definitely missing out on some great things.

I purchased this shirt from one of my favorite thrift stores, the Junior League Bargain Box in Greensboro, NC. The experience can be overwhelming but to make it easier, just gravitate to the colors and prints that catch your eye. Over the years, I've become an expert at identifying some of my favorite brands from afar so with experience, things will start to come naturally.

The most important necessity for thrifting is PATIENCE! If you don't have that then you won't be successful so GIRL, leave the kids at home and your nagging friends in the car! You will thank me later!😉 Happy Thrifting! 😁


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