Styling in my VerNOTche不

Happy Workforce Wednesday!

Today's post is about 2 things.

1. Transitioning from #workchic to #streetchic without all the hassle.

2. Taking a chance on apparel you wouldn't typically wear. You must make the item cater to you so think outside the box!

I purchased this black and gold silk "Versace-esque" 不 shirt from my favorite local thrift store. I remember being skeptical when I saw it but the quality of it was so nice and the price was only like $4 or $5 bucks so why not!仄賤儭

I love that it's long and has slits on both sides because it allows me to style it in so many different ways like knotted in the front, French tucked, etc. This shirt is also a great one to take you from day to night. Here you can see how I've worn it in two different ways.

What do you think of this shirt? Would you have purchased it for $5 too?

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