Spring Time and Sweater Dresses

Happy #WorkforceWednesday yall!

COVID-19 has me working from home for a few weeks and while one of the best parts of my day includes getting dressed, I will gladly take full advantage of the extra hour of sleep each morning!😴 Although, I hate the reason I'm being granted this luxury, I try to find the silver lining in it all! A few extra 💤 won't hurt! Nevertheless, I'll be so glad when it's all over and things get back to normal!

Soooo, if it were a normal work day, perhaps I would've worn this transitional sweater dress from Rebellious Rose Boutique today!🧡 The transitional capabilities of this garment go on and on. For starters:

✅It transitions well between seasons thanks to the light-weight material.

✅The Rustic Orange, (typically considered a Fall hue), is a beautiful

representation of the sunny and warm days ahead.

✅The belt has multiple possibilities. It can go from the waist, to the neck or be used as a


✅And best of all, it can take you from day to night in seconds with a quick drop of the

sleeve as shown in the video above!

I love a multifaceted garment. Sweater dresses are good for any season but especially for now as we enter into Spring this week! The soft, wool material is just enough to get us through the slight chill in temperature. You will not have to worry about being hot or cold. Instead, you will be just right! 👌🏽

I paired the dress with iridescent pumps that display reflections or orange, neon green, yellow and blue. They are called Stessy, by Aldo. By now you should know me well enough to know that where there's a matching shoe and purse combination, I gotta have both as you can see. My husband has grown to accept this because I ain't budging! LOL #CantResist

Now ladies, tell me...Do you have your sweater dresses on deck?

Check out more styles from Rebellious Rose Boutique on Instagram @ShopRebelliously or on the website, www.shoprebelliously.com.

You can find the Stessy pumps here in various colors. Some of them are on sale!

Stay safe and Happy Early Spring!


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