Sometimes You Just Gotta Improvise 

So, I've been going hard in the gym for the last 4.5 months and it is clearly paying off! 💪🏼While getting dressed, I realized that my pants and gold belt were too BIG! That's a great problem to have right?🙌🏽 Yes! I am NOT complaining! But what about when you're running late for work, with no time to change clothes? Well, you think fast or just hold your pants up all day! 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

I desperately needed a gold belt so I started frantically rummaging through my closet and wa-la, my chain purse came in handy. I removed the chain strap and it worked! 🙌🏽 You never know when a quick improvisation will present itself. Do not panic! Check out your surroundings or make a quick alteration to remedy the situation. Think outside the box for alternatives! Nothing is off limits! Similar to my tutorial on the various ways to wear a button down shirt. Hide a stain by taking it off and wearing it backwards!

There are so many ways to create new looks for your clothing. You just have to expand the possibilities! Now my purse strap is more than just a purse strap! Who knew?!🤷🏽‍♀️ LOL

Have you ever had to improvise your wardrobe at the last minute? What was it and how did you do it? Comment below.


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