Ready to Get into Some Trouble?

Week over week someone says something to me like, "I see you on Workforce Wednesday promoting everybody else's brand. When are you going to promote your own?"

What many don't realize is that Brooke Deron is the brand so regardless of what I'm wearing, my brand is always being promoted. I truly believe timing is everything and the ideas that I come up with are not forced. I've learned from past experiences to allow things to happen naturally and if an idea doesn't feel organic, I'm not doing it.

With that being said, today I am excited to bring to you my latest creations! The Good Trouble Collection was inspired by a quote from the late great Civil Rights Leader and Activist, John Lewis.

As the daughter of a man who participated in sit-in movements and Civil Rights marches and riots, I grew up hearing about the importance of getting in "Good Trouble" by not being afraid to use my voice in times of despair and unfair treatment for not only black and brown people, but ALL people. Afterall, we're all HUMAN!

To purchase, click the pics. Additional colors also available in some styles.

That leads me to my next point! In order to establish fair and equal treatment for everyone, we need more Good People.

Click the pic to purchase the Good People hoodie. Additional colors available.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if we had more "Good People" getting into "Good Trouble". Life would be sweeter. The world would be full of less hate and negative assumptions of people wouldn't be so common. That is the message behind "Don't Assume". People assume things about people all the time just based on outward appearances alone. This message doesn't only apply to people of color. It applies to all people. As a black person, this is what it means to me.

Just because I'm black,

Don't Assume I'm a threat.

Don't Assume I'm uneducated.

Don't Assume I'm an angry black woman.

Don't Assume I'm a criminal.

Don't Assume I have a weapon.

Don't Assume I'm going to attack you.

Just Don't Assume because it might just save my life.

Click the pic to purchase the DON'T ASSUME tee. It is also available is Red and Black.

I am extremely happy to make these statement pieces available to you! Each message spreads positivity without you having to say a word. Let your shirt do the talking for you!

I truly appreciate your support! Whether given by reading this post, sharing it or making a purchase, I receive them all the same. Thank you for rocking with Brooke Deron!

Let's chat again soon!


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