Put a Little "Prep" in Your Step

By now, most of you are used to seeing me in my colorful pumps but don’t get it twisted because I also LOVE a stylish pair of flats! These Oxford Brogues are so comfortable and versatile. I typically prefer to wear mine with jeans and colorful socks as you see here. It gives off what I like to call #geekchic vibes. They can also be styled with dresses and skirts. You can find these shoes in an array of colors and patterns. The shirt I have on is a Ralph Lauren paisley button down which was a very popular print at NY Fashion Week for Fall trends. To add an extra level of "fly", button your shirt all the way to the top. It adds an additional layer of class, swag and style.

Below is a link to similar shoes in case you want this look.

Oxford Brogues



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