Preppy with a Modern Twist

O👏🏽K👏🏽 STEVE! Madden that is!

Lets give him a round of applause for putting a chic spin on the classic Oxford Brogues!👌🏽 The creativity and uniqueness displayed here are so appreciated by fashion lovers like me. They can be dressed up or down. The transparent panels give them a fun futuristic update to the classic style many have loved for decades. I love the transparency because it allows me to transform these shoes in many different ways by wearing colorful leggings, fun socks or in this case, patterned fishnets. Want them? Search "Betty Black" here.

I paired mine with a sheer leopard print blouse that I thrifted for $6! If you're not a thrifter, you are missing out TREMENDOUSLY! I have found many gems in the thrift stores!

My pants are H&M and the shoes, know! 😉

#WorkforceWednesday #stevemadden #SMaffiliate


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