New Year, New Wardrobe?

If only that were true! 😫 LOL...but seriously, the start of a new year is a great time to declutter your wardrobe. Getting rid of items is usually a tough decision to make but I have one rule that usually makes my decision for me. That is, if I didnt wear it all year, I no longer need it. That was a hard pill to swallow during this cleanup but it worked. 😩 Then there's the items that no longer fit but we swear on everything we love that we're going to get back into them one day! Only problem with that is, we've been telling ourselves that for over 2 years now!🤣 #LetItGoSis

I must say, after getting rid of many things, it feels great. I feel lighter and I even found items that I had forgotten about!😳 (shame) My closet is now fully functional and everything is more visible.

While I chose to donate many of the items to help other women get started in the workforce, you will also be able to purchase some gently used items from the Brooke's Looks section of my website. (Coming soon)

Get in those closets yall! 😉


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