How to Color Block Like a Boss

A pop of this and a pop of that...and maybe even that, is all it takes! I absolutely love combining colors, prints and patterns. This pink and orange combo is a reflection of happiness that ricochets from you to whomever crosses your path! These colors attract many smiles, which in my opinion make this a "feel good" combination!

My New York & Company Cape jacket was the perfect accessory to finish off the look. It added a third layer of #colorblocking to the mix which added a more subtle compliment to the brightness of it all.

Give this color combo a try! You can score the shoes on sale today here, however the sizes are limited. Here is another alternative in a different style. They would be perfect to stash away for Spring and Summer. One other slaying option for this color combo is leopard print. YES YES and YES! 🙌

Part of what makes colorblocking such a popular trend is that it opens the door to fun and unusual color combinations

I included a Color Wheel below so you can see other #colorblocking options.

Try to either choose colors which are close together on the wheel, like orange, red, and pink, or which are directly across from each other, like blue and yellow. You can also use varying shades of the same color. That is called monochromatic. Look in my past blogs for more info on that.

Have fun color blocking and dont forget to tag me if this post inspired you! 😊

Turtleneck Sweater: Ralph Lauren

Pants: NY & Company

Cape Jacket: NY & Company - Eva Mendez Collection

Shoes: Aldo


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