Can You Stand the Rain?

Not on days that I have to leave the house! 😫 But let's face it, it's a part of Mother Nature that we must compromise with! So...I would be misleading if I told you not to let the rain dictate your fashion choices! But what I will say is don't let it compromise your swag! 🙅🏽‍♀️

Swag is something we own and can execute for ourselves! So, on this rainy Fall day, I wore this paisley blazer, (which I purchased for $6 from a thrift store). It is enriched in Fall colors so it's perfect for the season! I paired it with a classic white button down shirt, some Army Green pants from NY & Company ($20) and some Hunter rain boots purchased on Clearance for $40 from Dillards! #BargainShopper 😉

Happy Fall Yall! :-)


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