All You Need to Transition into Fall is...

It's official y'all! Fall is here and although the weather is already changing, it's still not quite time to pull out the heavy duty coats just yet! That's why denim jackets are essential during this time of year!

In today's video, I'm playing around with my leopard print denim jacket to show you how easy it is to mix with prints. Although a classic denim jacket is all you need, adding a printed version can add more style and expression.

Check out each look below and let me know what you think. I've also included links to my "Like to Know It" profile where you can purchase items similar to what I'm wearing. Just click the pic and while you're there, go ahead and click "Follow". That way you'll receive notifications whenever I post a new look.

Happy Fall y'all! Stay blessed! 💛😊


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