A Quick Easy Hack to Finding the Perfect Look: Matching Sets!

Long gone are the days of having to piece items together! Matching sets made a dynamic return over the summer making it easy for us to quickly pull together a look in seconds!

The linen set I'm wearing in the video is from Kate Hudson's Happy x Nature brand at New York & Company. As you know, they're going out of business so I suggest you check out their website and head to the store ASAP because I got this set for $10! Yep! The top and bottom were $5 a piece! The original price was a whole ridiculous $130! Crazy right?

I purchased the shoes for $21 from Aldo. The original price was $75. The sizes in this style are still fully stocked so catch them while you can! Click the pic!

With this season coming to an end soon, I listed a few sets below to help transition your closet to Fall! The best thing about these looks is they can be dressed up or down.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Shopping! I'll see y'all next week!


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