A Conversation with Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Shatava Lindsey

Yep! I did it yall! My very first interview with a celebrity fashion stylist! GO ME! Meet Shatava Lindsey. You may have seen her doing the fashion segment on TVOne's Sister Circle or as a cast member on OWN's Ready to Love. And to think, I almost turned the opportunity down!

Thank God I didn't but with only 3 hours to prepare, chile, God and I had to have a quick conversation! As crazy as it sounds, I couldn't even get a word out before God said "Really Brooke. You're coming to ask me if you should do this?!?!" And my response, "Ok God. I'm listening. I trust you and I thank you!"

There was no need to question anything. I've prayed for moments like this and here was my opportunity. One that I didn't even have to seek out. This one fell in my lap. FAVOR!

Shatava and I talked about her journey through entrepreneurship, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them by surrounding herself with like minded people. She also mentioned how important it is for us as black people to support each other and partner together. You can check out the full interview below. Also, be sure to follow Shatava on Instagram @iamshatava and @shopourglass.

I received a lot of compliments on the "blouse" I wore for the interview, however it's actually a dress!

I didn't do it much justice during the interview since I was sitting the entire time. So, in today's #workforcewednesday I'm giving it all the glory it deserves! I got it from NY & Company. It is sold out now but you can find similar versions below. The first two are from Shatava's, Ourglass Custom & Boutique. You can use Coupon Code: BrookeDeron to receive 10% off your entire order! The others are from NY & Company and are all 50% off right now! These dresses are perfect for Spring! Hop on these deals now!

I had a hard time choosing between these pumps. When I actually get to wear this dress out of the house, which color do you think I should wear? Help a sista out!

Both are from Aldo and they are on sale now! Get you some!

Alright y'all. I'm about to head on out but before I go I need to remind you to stay inspired and keep following your passion. When you do what you love and enjoy while showing consistency and faith, things will naturally start happening for you. Keep pushing!


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