It's Halloween Season! #CrowFlow

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

With Halloween just a few days away, let's talk costumes! I wore this one to a party recently where the theme was "The Wiz". I chose to be a black crow because I knew no one else would think to dress as that character. To create this look, I had to piece everything together separately.

I started with a caged skirt. Wearing it was so much fun because of the bounce and fluid movements that it made. I considered myself a "caged bird". You can find it here.

I paired it with this Dark Angel costume which was actually perfect because the back was longer than the front which made it resemble a crow's feathered tail. You can find it here. It comes with black wings and a black halo but I didn't wear those since I was going for a crow, not an angel.

Now that I had the main outfit together, it was time to add the final touches by accessorizing with a dramatic feathered collar, feathered wrist cuffs and bejeweled claw nail rings. I added the links those items below. Check them out.

Feathered Collar

Feathered Wrist Cuffs

Bejeweled Nail Rings

The patterned tights came from Walmart and the shoes from Aldo. Make-up done by @coco_slim (IG) located at the Mac counter at Colonial Mall in Greenville, NC.

P.S. If you recreate this look, please tag me! I would love to see you! IG @brooke_deron or FB @Brooke Carrington.

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